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Historic Motherland Samoa Festival Draws 10,000 Strong

The city of Apia, Samoa, witnessed an extraordinary display of unity, talent, and cultural pride at the historic Motherland Samoa Festival held on June 3, 2023, at Apia Park.

With a record-breaking attendance of over 10,000 people from diverse backgrounds and age groups, the concert demonstrated the remarkable outcome of a collaboration between regional governments, local and international Samoan enterprises, and organizations.

The landmark event hosted by Dr. Tua, brought together the Pacific’s finest musical talents featuring renowned artists; Fiji, J Boog, HP Boyz, Lisi, Savage, DJ Noiz, Kennyon Brown, Tomorrow People, Bina Butta, Wayno, Lani Alo, DJ Tikelz, DJ 651, Donell Lewis, Mautaotasi & Matalenaa, Pacific Love Band, Rellek Brown, Tree, Zipso, DJ Kayoz, and DJ Wreckah.

Despite the challenging weather, with heavy rain and wet conditions during the latter part of the concert, the unwavering enthusiasm of the audience was evident as they continued to cheer and actively participate in the event. This heartwarming display of dedication from the fans was a true testament to the caliber of the performers and the memorable experience they provided.

The inaugural Motherland Samoa Festival was made possible through a collaboration between overseas and local Samoan businesses, as well as the Government of Samoa through the Samoa Tourism Authority. The invaluable support extended by the governments of Australia and New Zealand, through their respective embassies, played a significant role in bringing the historic event to fruition.

PacifiCast Founder, Julius Tuigamala stated that the success of the Motherland Samoa Festival has laid the foundation for a promising future and their organization will continue to build strong relations and collaborate with governments in the region, local businesses and communities.

 “The successful outcome of the Motherland Samoa Festival underscore the strength and effectiveness of partnerships forged among various local and international stakeholders. It is through these collaborative efforts that we have witnessed the realization of an event that has captivated hearts and minds, leaving a lasting impact on our beloved Samoa” said Mr Tuigamala.

“Thank you to the Government of Samoa through the Samoa Tourism Authority, for their support and collaboration. Their commitment to nurturing the growth of the arts and positioning Samoa as a premier destination for world-class events has been instrumental in transforming the vision of the Motherland Samoa Concert into a tangible reality.”

“We are grateful to the governments of Australia and New Zealand for their support through their respective embassies. Their recognition of the significance of cultural exchange and their contributions to making this event possible are invaluable.”

“Moving forward, PacifiCast remains steadfast in its dedication to showcasing and uplifting Pacific Islander culture and talent on a global scale. Our mission is not only to unite the Pacific Islands but also to establish enduring partnerships with prominent nations such as Australia, New Zealand, and others. Through these initiatives, we actively contribute to the preservation and celebration of Pacific Island diaspora cultures residing in these nations.”

Due to the success of the Motherland Samoa Festival, the Chief Executive Officer of the Samoa Sports Facilities Authority (SSFA), Iuli Salale Moananu, has reaffirmed their commitment to continue their partnership with PacifiCast. This commitment has further resulted in Apia Park’s decision to host the event in the future.

“We are very happy with the tremendous success of the Motherland Samoa Festival as it has served to set a new standard for events in Samoa” said Iuli.”By elevating the bar we anticipate a ripple effect that will enhance the overall development of Samoa and set new benchmarks for future endeavors”

“The Samoa Sports Facility Authority is fully committed to continuing our partnership with PacifiCast, as we recognize the immense potential it holds for our country. Building on these achievements, we are excited to further enhance the economic, social, and cultural benefits that such events bring to Samoa.”

Minister of Tourism, Honourable Toeolesulusulu Cedric Schuster said the concert’s achievements highlight the power of collaboration between businesses, organizations, and governments, driving economic growth and cultural enrichment.

“The collaboration between businesses, organizations, and governments has proven to be a powerful catalyst for success, creating opportunities and driving positive change in our communities. The outstanding success of the Motherland Samoa Festival further solidifies Samoa’s status as a premier destination for hosting world-class events” said Toeolesulusulu.

“By attracting thousands of fans and showcasing the immense talents of our local and international artists, the Motherland Samoa Festival has not only entertained and inspired but also contributed significantly to our nation’s economic growth.”

Motherland Samoa Festival Director Tana Tupa’i attributed the success of the music festival to the support and hardwork of their dedicated team, partner vendors, and service providers. He also took pride in acknowledging a significant milestone in attracting the young people of Samoa, who had the opportunity to witness the remarkable talents of world-class artists sharing similar cultural backgrounds.

“The commitment to excellence and outstanding service played an integral role in the execution of the Motherland Samoa Festival. The success we have achieved would not have been possible without the contribution of local businesses; Naydith Event Hire, Taumeasina Island Resort, KL Security, Matniuel, Dawg Audio, Aunty Bev’s Catering, All Things Sweet, and Vailima Breweries.

“We are extremely proud to see the successful outcome of the inaugural Motherland Samoa Festival. Witnessing the event unfold and the overwhelming response of the young people, who were able to experience a world-class event in their own backyard, has filled our hearts with pride and satisfaction” said Mr Tupa’i.

“The Motherland Samoa Festival provided a platform for the young generation to witness the talents of their favorite Pacific artists. We believe this experience will have a profound and positive impact on them. We are confident that this event will inspire them to strive for excellence and pursue their artistic aspirations, drawing upon the resilience and determination that has been the hallmark of our people for countless generations.”

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