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Orchid Oasis: Besties in Samoa Brings Beauty and Affordability Together

For orchid enthusiasts in Samoa, finding affordable options has often been a challenge. But now, Besties in Savalalo has opened its doors to offer a delightful range of orchids, making them accessible to everyone alongside their pre-loved clothing and unique gifts.

Co-owners of Besties, Tuluiga Tuivasa Banse and Tuala Rosita Meredithtruly appreciate the beauty and diversity that orchids bring. Tuluiga’s own fascination with orchids began in 2016 when her sister gave her one as a gift. Intrigued, she embarked on a personal journey to learn all about growing and caring for these exquisite plants.

Today, Tuluiga proudly serves as Samoa’s main orchid supplier, ensuring that these captivating blooms bring joy to many people without breaking the bank.

“It wasn’t a local plant, so I started importing them,” Tuluiga explains. “Now, I’m the main orchid supplier here. In the past, only the wealthy could afford orchids due to their high prices. But now, everyone can have an orchid to brighten their day.”

With prices ranging from $200 to $250, Tuluiga’s dedication has made orchids more accessible than ever. The smiles and gratitude from customers say it all. “Many people are grateful that orchids are now affordable. They come back for more, building their own collections,” Tuluiga shares with a genuine sense of fulfillment.

As the demand for orchids grows, Besties strives to provide a diverse selection sourced from different countries, including Thailand. Tuala happily reveals, “We know how much our customers have been waiting for the elusive blue orchid, especially for Mother’s Day. We also offer beautiful ceramic pots that perfectly complement these stunning flowers.”

At Besties, the focus is on giving customers an authentic experience when choosing their orchids. Almost blooming, the orchids are proudly displayed, allowing customers to see the colors and sizes they are purchasing. Tuala adds, “Customers want to know exactly what they’re getting, so we let them witness the beauty of their chosen orchid before taking it home.”

Tuluiga highlights the timeless appeal of orchids, emphasizing their natural beauty and long-lasting blooming season. “Orchids are incredibly beautiful flowers that come in a wide variety of colors and shapes. The best part is that they bloom for a long time, so you can enjoy their splendor for months on end.”

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