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SAMOA: A Game Fishing Paradise

For New Zealand anglers Lynda and Mike Randrup, Samoa isn’t just any fishing destination; it’s a haven of unmatched diversity in fish species. Over the past eight years, this dynamic duo from Tauranga, New Zealand, has made their mark in the Samoa International Game Fishing Association (SIGFA) international tournaments, proudly representing Team Grandee in the latest competition.

Mike’s passion for fishing traces back to his childhood, when his father first introduced him to the sport. From that moment, he was hooked, driven by the desire to reel in bigger and more challenging catches. “I caught a small fish and I wanted to catch a bigger fish and ultimately two marlins in game fishing,” recalls Mr. Randrup, reflecting on his journey.

His partner in both life and angling, Lynda, initially had limited experience with fishing. However, a honeymoon fishing trip changed everything. “On our honeymoon, I took her fishing, and she caught more fish than me and it just carried on,” Mike fondly recalls.

Lynda’s skills in angling has risen to extraordinary heights, as shown by her achievement of holding an all line class New Zealand record (male and female) AND Female World record for the largest Blue Marlin ever caught. “The heaviest fish I’ve caught is a 492.4kg Blue marlin in 2020 at Waihau Bay,” she proudly states, reminiscing about the monumental catch.

The record-breaking catch was made even more special by the trophy lure that sealed the deal—a gift from a close friend, aptly named the “Samoan Slayer ” in honour of their successful fishing expeditions in these waters and the couple’s special connection to the treasured islands. “We have taken a beautiful part of Samoa and turned it into a world record,” Mike reflects with gratitude.

Their journey to Samoa was sparked by an invitation from the current SIGFA President, Vaughan Simpson, to fish in the pristine waters of the Pacific paradise. Beyond the thrill of the catch, the Randrups emphasize the camaraderie and warmth of the Samoan people, enriching their fishing experiences year after year.

SIGFA President Vaughan Simpson presents an award to Angler Lynda Randrup at the Neptune SIGFA 25th International Tournament

“This is our eighth time bringing our boat and we’ve also done a couple of trips up here and fished on Fu’a II. The fishing for billfish this year has been incredible,” says Mike. “It’s not all about the fishing, it’s the camaraderie, telling stories at the end of the day and how well we have been treated by the Samoan people.”

Mike attests to Samoa’s world-class fishery, boasting a diverse range of species that keeps anglers on their toes with every tug on the line. While the size of the fish vary in size, the thrill and unpredictability of fishing in Samoan waters remains constant.

“The fishing here is better by a longshot. It’s a world-class fishery that Samoa has got here. I think that there’s nine or ten species that you can catch in Samoa while at home there might be a Yellowfin, Marlin, and a Mahimahi. When that rod goes off, you don’t know what’s on the end,” Mike remarks.

Despite the allure of Samoa’s diverse marine life and the adrenaline rush of reeling in prized catches, Mike acknowledges the challenges that come with the sport, yet, it’s these encounters that make the pursuit of fishing all the more rewarding.

 “Some of the fish are very tricky, they swim under the boat and do all sorts of things, that’s why the technique is very important, the rougher the sea, the harder it gets” he admits.

As they reflect on their experiences in Samoa, Lynda and Mike echo a sentiment shared by many anglers: the desire to return. “It’s just so special to feel the adrenaline flow and see the camaraderie because it’s the team that lands the fish not just one angler. We would love to come back again,” says Mike.  

With each visit, Mike and Lynda not only leave with cherished memories of another exciting fishing tournament but also a deep appreciation for Samoa’s rich fishing heritage and the warm hospitality of her people.

The Neptune SIGFA 25th International Tournament was made possible by the generous support of out sponsors:

Naming Rights Sponsor: Neptune Pacific Direct Line

Diamond Sponsors: Samoa IBFC, Apia Concrete Products Limited, Taula Beverages – Samoa, and Samoa Ports Authority. Platinum Sponsors: Samoa Commercial Bank Ltd, Seb & Rene Sports Ltd, Samoa Tourism, Ca’Bella Pacific Construction Samoa Ltd.

Gold Sponsors: TransAm Samoa Ltd, NBS – National Bank of Samoa, Special Occasions Supply Samoa, Penn & Co, Jason Hansell Electrical, BDO Samoa, Tanoa Samoa Le Well Company Limited, Bank of South Pacific, and Oceania Gas Limited.

Silver Sponsors: Bluebird Construction, Ott Transport &Engineering, Central Bank of Samoa, SMI, Lucky Foodtown-Samoa Petroleum Products Supplies, Pacific Aluminum Ltd, Troppo Fishing Adventures Samoa Goldstar Co Ltd, Stevensons at Manase HJ Keil, Samoa ObserverElaine’s Quality FurnishingApia Export Fish Packers LimitedBluebird Lumber and Hardware RMR Foods Ltd Motor Distributors Ltd, Fiji Airways Tower Insurance Samoa, Motor Distributors Ltd, Siva Afi

Bronze Sponsors: Betham Brothers Enterprises LtdSL EngineeringDelicious cakes Nana Bellas Shop, SignsStudio Samoa Apia Marine Services Ltd, Rasmussen Engineering Ltd, Asco MotorsBistro TatauKofe HausVaimoana Resort, Asau, Savaii, Samoa Ah- Liki Construction, Lee Transport Co Ltd, Motors Ltd, Nourish Cafe Skippys Restaurant, Loibl Lepea Motors Ltd, Island Grill Restaurant, Hansell Electrical, Beau Rasmussen, Silva Group, Apia Spare Parts & Accessories, Amoa Hotel, Radio PolynesiaLe Manumea HotelAmanaki HotelSamoa Airways

Friendship Sponsors: Brighouse Motors, LA Painters, Geogas Samoa Ltd, CCK, Plumtech, Seafood Gourmet, A Touch of Samoa, DMC, Giordanos Pizzeria, All Things Sweet,


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