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Unveiling the Vision: Behind the Scenes of the historical Motherland Concert

In a matter of days, Samoa will witness an extraordinary event when the Motherland concert takes center stage, featuring an exceptional lineup of talented musicians who are returning home to give back to their community.

With free general admission, this one of a kind opportunity invites locals to experience world class Pacific artists on home soil. Set against the backdrop of Apia Park, the venue will come alive from 1pm till 10 on Saturday, 3rd June 2023, with a star-studded cast headlining the event.

The major music festival celebration of Samoan and Pacific success will feature Fiji, the internationally acclaimed reggae artist J Boog from California, HP Boyz, Lisi, Tree, Savage, DJ Noiz, Kennyon Brown, Tomorrow People, Bina Butta, Lani Alo, Dj Tikelz, and Wayno. Local talents including Mautoatasi and Matalena, Zipso, and the Pacific Love Band will add their unique flair, bringing the distinct sound of contemporary Samoa to the stage.

Behind the scenes, the Samoa Tourism Authority and PacifiCast, in collaboration, are working diligently to orchestrate this never seen before event.

With the shared objective of fostering cultural unity and promoting Samoa’s vibrant arts scene, they have joined forces to organize an event that transcends boundaries.

PacifiCast Agency first came onto the scene when they contributed as the main sponsor for the Toa Samoa rugby league World Cup team last year and have since established a strong relationship with the Government of Samoa, culminating in their involvement in various festivities, parades, and events related to the Toa Samoa.

Government of Samoa & PacifiCast delegation to the Rugby League World Cup 2022

It was during these collaborations that the seed for the Motherland concert was sown.

“Our nation and people across the world got into a frenzy as a result of the success.It was a David and Goliath story in terms of how we punched the line truly above our weight” explains PacifiCast Manager, Tana Tupai.

“We were privileged to be a part of supporting that team and that was our first initial engagement” he adds.

Tupa’i, is also one of the concert directors and a proud Samoan hailing from the villages of Tuanai, Moamoa, and Safotulafai. He expressed their aspiration to create something truly exceptional for his people.

They envisioned a festival that would be etched in the collective memory of Samoa—a celebration of Samoan and Pacific achievements.

Drawing upon his personal experiences and acknowledging the challenges faced by aspiring artists to showcase their talents on an international stage, Tupa’i wanted to bring the festival vibe to his beautiful island.

“I didn’t want to put up just any concert, I wanted to put up a festival vibe that has never happened in Samoa for the Pacific’s finest.”

“The lineup is made of mostly Samoans as well as other amazing Pacific artists that are breaking ground across the globe.”

“For us, it feels really good that we can bring that back to our beautiful island and showcase the local businesses that are involved as well, which has been a huge help,”

According to Tupa’i, the partnership between PacifiCast and local businesses is a testament to the growth and development of Samoa’s infrastructure and the success of its enterprises.

“People that probably have tried to attempt things before might not have found the resources they needed but it’s a testament to the development and the way things have been growing in Samoa through all the amazing infrastructure they have developed and how amazing their businesses are growing.”

“We have been fortunate to create successful partnerships with local businesses which really make us proud. They’re also excited and a few are blessed to be part of this program.”

The Motherland concert holds a deeper significance than merely providing entertainment.

For many artists of Samoan descent, this event represents a remarkable milestone, as it not only grants them the chance to perform on their native soil for the first time but also serves as an opportunity to return to their ancestral homeland for the very first time.

“There’s a lot of them that want to give back to Samoa through this festival by entertaining our community and what better way to do it than by making it accessible for everyone by making the general admission free.”

Tupa’i emphasized the desire to inspire the youth of Samoa, to instill a belief that anything is possible. By presenting a lineup of accomplished artists who share a similar cultural background, the concert aims to ignite a spark of aspiration within the hearts of the attendees.

“The biggest thing isn’t just about bringing events that Samoa has never seen before but it’s about celebrating that we can do anything. We always believe that what you can see, is what you can be.”

As the concert director, Tupa’i plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth execution of the event, supporting his team in delivering an unforgettable experience.

“I’m just the person that helps everyone else do their job to the best of their ability. Our team’s vision is doing something that has never been done before.”

“And because it’s our first time we’re excited and also nervous because we don’t want to leave any room for any mishaps. Apia Park is going to be packed and we want it to be a safe and enjoyable experience for everybody”

Tupa’i expressed his gratitude for the strong relationships established between PacifiCast and the artists, as their support has been instrumental in making this ambitious project a reality.

“Many people are in disbelief that this festival is actually going to happen and we’re going to have all these artists in Samoa at one time. We’re very lucky to be able to bring together all the artists to come support us”

The name “Motherland” was chosen with purpose and meaning by PacifiCast Founder, Julius Tuigamala, symbolizing not only a celebration for the local community but also an opportunity for the Samoan diaspora to reconnect with their roots.

(L -R ) PacifiCast Founder Julius Tuigamala, Australia High Commissioner H.E Emily Luck, PacifiCast Manager/Concert Director Tana Tupa’i.

“What we are doing is not only encouraging something for our local community to enjoy but also opportunities for our diaspora outside Samoa to have the chance to come back and also be engaged in the culture.”

“A lot of us Samoans that live abroad may have never come to Samoa before but they are truly proud to be Samoan.” Tupa’i explained.

While the journey to bring this extraordinary event to fruition has not been without challenges, Tupa’i reflects on the significance of connecting people both near and far.

With limited resources at their disposal, the concert organizers take pride in successfully bridging the gap between communities, nurturing a deep sense of unity and shared pride.

Fortunately, PacifiCast’s vision stretches far beyond the Motherland concert, as Tupa’i reveals that this is only the beginning of a series of events the group has planned for Samoa.

PacifiCast just getting started: More events planned for Samoa

“We’re only just getting started. This is the first of many exciting things not limited to just festivals. We know what our people enjoy so there’s other events that we’ve got planned working closely with the Ministry of Tourism and also other key people from Government to private sector.”

“For PacifiCast, this is part of our investment and contribution to the community. There’s a lot of costs that we’re wearing but it’s not about that. You have to look beyond that to create experiences for our people. If it’s always about costs then we’ll never do anything“

“We’re looking at sporting events, cultural events that will make people want to come back to visit Samoa not just for the event but also to experience our beautiful islands.”

Acknowledging the invaluable support from sponsors such as Vodafone, Humbl, and Naydith Events, Tana expresses his gratitude for their contributions to this momentous occasion.

“A lot of people shared their doubts about setting up a concert of this caliber in a small island. But Samoa can do anything and if they see us be part of a world class event with support from local businesses. It’s a dream come true.”

With the Motherland concert drawing near, Tupa’i’s lifelong dream is on the verge of becoming a reality.

Despite the rollercoaster journey of knocking on doors, pitching their idea, and coordinating numerous organizations, government ministries, local and international businesses, as well as artists, Tupa’i eagerly anticipates the culmination of all their efforts when the Motherland concert opens this Saturday.

“I’m probably going to be emotional when the doors open on the day of the concert because of everything we have done but naturally because it’s the first time we have done something like this here” said Tupa’i.

“There will be a moment I will look back and see the crowds and it will hit me that it was all worth it.”

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